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Dry Ice Blasting

One of the most unique and superior forms of industrial cleaning, dry ice blasting uses compressed air to accelerate frozen carbon dioxide (CO2) pellets at high velocity. This creates mini-explosions on a given surface, lifting undesired dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the underlying substrate. It’s efficient and cost-effective, allowing companies to maintain quality and production capacity. 

Here are just some of the benefits of dry ice cleaning:
  • It is waterless and completely free of artificial chemicals.
  • All pellets are made from food-grade carbon dioxide.
  • Dry ice is non-abrasive, so it can clean without damaging the underlying substrate.
  • There are no solvents or grit media left behind, as dry ice sublimates (turns into a gas) upon impact.
Because of these benefits, dry ice cleaning is unusually efficient and environmentally responsible.

Steam Cleaning

Clean equipment helps your company avoid DOT fines, premature component failure, and costly downtime. In other words, a little bit of cleaning now helps your equipment last longer and improves your company’s bottom line.

Green Industrial Cleaning offers industrial steam cleaning for large and small transportation fleets and off-road equipment. Regardless of what type of equipment you have or how often you need it cleaned, we can create a plan that meets your needs.q

Generalized & Specialized Cleaning

At Green Industrial Cleaning, we understand that every customer has different cleaning needs. Cleaning needs vary from industry to industry, and even within industries, no two customers are alike.

Because of that, we offer a plethora of industrial cleaning applications in addition to steam and dry ice cleaning. Our technicians are highly skilled in many different areas. Regardless of what you need cleaned and when you need cleaning services, we can put together a plan to suit your needs.

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